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Edouard Ier d'ANGLETERREAge: 68 years1239 CE1307 CE

Edouard Ier d'ANGLETERRE
Given names
Edouard Ier
Birth 1239 CE (1239)
Address: Westminster
Birth of a son
1284 CE (1284) (Age 45 years)
MarriageMarguerite de FRANCEView this family
1299 CE (1299) (Age 60 years)

Death 1307 CE (1307) (Age 68 years)
Address: près de Carlisle
  1. Generation 1
    1. Edouard Ier d'ANGLETERRE was born in 1239 CE (1239) in Londres and died in 1307 CE (1307) in Burgh-Cumberland at the age of 68. He married Marguerite de FRANCE, daughter of Philippe III “le Hardi” de FRANCE and Marie de BRABANT, in 1299 CE (1299). She was born in 1282 CE (1282) and died in 1318 CE (1318) at the age of 36.

      Children of Edouard Ier d'ANGLETERRE:

      1. Edouard II d'ANGLETERRE (1284 CE1327 CE)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Edouard II d'ANGLETERRE, son of Edouard Ier d'ANGLETERRE, was born in 1284 CE (1284) in Carnarvon-Carnarvonshire and died in 1327 CE (1327) in Berkeley-Cumberland at the age of 43. He married Isabelle de FRANCE, daughter of Philippe IV “le Bel” de FRANCE and Jeanne Ière de NAVARRE, in 1308 CE (1308). She was born about 1292 CE (1292) in Paris and died in 1358 CE (1358) in Hertford-Hertfordshire.

      Children of Edouard II d'ANGLETERRE and Isabelle de FRANCE:

      1. Edouard III d'ANGLETERRE (1312 CE1377 CE)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Edouard III d'ANGLETERRE, son of Edouard II d'ANGLETERRE and Isabelle de FRANCE, was born in 1312 CE (1312) in Windsor-Berkshire and died in 1377 CE (1377) in Richmond-Surrey at the age of 65. He married Philippa de HAINAUT in 1369 CE (1369).

      Children of Edouard III d'ANGLETERRE and Philippa de HAINAUT:

      1. Edouard “Le Prince Noir” d'ANGLETERRE (1330 CE1376 CE)
      2. Lionel d'ANVERS (1368 CE)
      3. Jean de GAND (1399 CE)
      4. Edmond de LANGLEY (1341 CE1402 CE)
      5. Thomas de WOODSTOCK

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