Prénom Inconnu CONJOINT

Prénom Inconnu CONJOINT
Given names
Prénom Inconnu
Birth of a son
Beuves “Biwin” de VIENNE
about 820 CE (820)

Marriage of a childBeuves “Biwin” de VIENNERichilde ROBERTIENSView this family
840 CE (840)

Death of a sonRichard CAROLINGIENS
before 842 CE (842)

Birth of a grandson
Boson Ier de VIENNE
about 842 CE (842)

Death of a husbandHartnid “Arduin” de VIENNE
about 842 CE (842)

Birth of a granddaughter
Richilde “Richarde” ROBERTIENS
about 845 CE (845)

Death of a sonBeuves “Biwin” de VIENNE
about 869 CE (869)

Marriage of a grandchildCharles II “le Chauve” CAROLINGIENSRichilde “Richarde” ROBERTIENSView this family
January 25, 870 CE (January 29, 870)

Marriage of a grandchildBoson Ier de VIENNEErmengarde d'ITALIEView this family
March 876 CE (March 876)

Birth of a grandson
Richard Ier “le Justicier” ROBERTIENS
about 877 CE (877)

Death of a grandsonBoson Ier de VIENNE
February 15, 887 CE (February 19, 887)

Marriage of a grandchildRichard Ier “le Justicier” ROBERTIENSAdélaïde de BOURGOGNEView this family
888 CE (888)

Épouse d'Arduin


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