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Demenge OLRY1630

Demenge OLRY
Given names
MarriageJeanne JACQUEMINView this family
Type: Mariage de OLRY, Demenge et JACQUEMIN, Jeanne
before 1602

Marchand à Autreville

Type: Décès de OLRY, Demenge
before 1630

  1. Generation 1
    1. Demenge OLRY, marchand à Autreville. He died before 1630. He married Jeanne JACQUEMIN, daughter of Sébille Nn, before 1602. She died between 1635 and 1638.

      Children of Demenge OLRY and Jeanne JACQUEMIN:

      1. Dominique OLRY (1652)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Dominique OLRY, maire d'Autreville, son of Demenge OLRY and Jeanne JACQUEMIN. He died between 1652 and 1659. He married 2 times. The first time he married Louise MARTIN, daughter of Jean MARTIN and Claudon GINET, on November 9, 1638. She was born about 1610 in Saulxures-lès-Vannes (54) and died about 1659 in Autreville (88). The second time he married Libaire CONTAL, daughter of Thièbault CONTAL and Marguerite , before 1634. She was born in 1614 in Autreville (88) and died in 1637 in Autreville (88) at the age of 23.

      Children of Dominique OLRY and Louise MARTIN:

      1. Gérard OLRY (16451718)

      Children of Dominique OLRY and Libaire CONTAL:

      1. Jeanne OLRY (16361700)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Gérard OLRY, son of Dominique OLRY and Louise MARTIN, was born about 1645 in Harmonville (88) and died before 1718. He married Elisabeth BIGOT (BIGAUT), daughter of Thierry BIGOT (BIGAUT) and Marguerite HUMBLOT, on July 6, 1670 in Autreville (88). She was born about 1650.

      Children of Gérard OLRY and Elisabeth BIGOT (BIGAUT):

      1. Joseph OLRY (16841747)
      2. Reine OLRY
    2. Jeanne OLRY, daughter of Dominique OLRY and Libaire CONTAL, was born in 1636 in Harmonville (88) and died on November 15, 1700 in Harmonville (88) at the age of 64. She married Dominique MANGEOT, son of Demenge MANGEOT and Claudon ANDRE, in 1655 in Autreville (88). He was born on December 2, 1630 in Punerot (88) and died on January 9, 1679 in Harmonville (88) at the age of 48.

      Children of Jeanne OLRY and Dominique MANGEOT:

      1. Barbe MANGEOT (16691718)

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