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Nicolas DeRASeY

Nicolas DeRASeY
Given names
Birth of a daughter
about 1650
Marriage of a childDominique LECLERC (LECLER-LECLAIRE)Jeanne DERASEYView this family
Type: Mariage de LECLERC, Dominique et DERASEY, Jeanne
November 10, 1674

Birth of a grandson
about 1678

Marriage of a grandchildFrançois LECLERC (LECLER-LECLAIRE)Françoise GRANDCOLASView this family
Type: Mariage de LECLERC, François et GRANDCOLAS, Françoise
July 4, 1702
Death of a daughterJeanne DERASEY
after 1715

  1. Generation 1
    1. Children of Nicolas DeRASeY and Jeanne HUARD:

      1. Jeanne DERASEY (16501715)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Jeanne DERASEY, daughter of Nicolas DeRASeY and Jeanne HUARD, was born about 1650 in Harol (88) and died after 1715 in Harol (88). She married Dominique LECLERC (LECLER-LECLAIRE), son of François LECLERC (LECLER-LECLAIRE) and Mougeotte TACHET, on November 10, 1674. He was born about 1663 in Gelvécourt-et-Adompt (88) and died on October 4, 1710 in Harol (88).

      Children of Jeanne DERASEY and Dominique LECLERC (LECLER-LECLAIRE):

      1. François LECLERC (LECLER-LECLAIRE) (16781730)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. François LECLERC (LECLER-LECLAIRE), son of Dominique LECLERC (LECLER-LECLAIRE) and Jeanne DERASEY, was born about 1678 and died on June 21, 1730 in Jésonville (88). He married Françoise GRANDCOLAS, daughter of Jean Dominique GRANDCOLAS and Anne RENARD, on July 4, 1702 in Harol (88). She was born about 1678 in Jésonville (88) and died on December 22, 1758 in Jésonville (88).

      Children of François LECLERC (LECLER-LECLAIRE) and Françoise GRANDCOLAS:

      1. Jean Baptiste LECLERC (LECLER-LECLAIRE) (17051764)

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